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Ailsa has been in South African television virtually since its inception, gaining invaluable experience in most genres from magazine shows to reality series; from educational programmes to games shows; from documentaries to talk shows; from children’s series to live broadcasts. 

She has been involved across all television genres but has focused largely on Educational television, in the past, for Bop TV’s EDUTEL and, today for SABC Educational Television since she has a teacher’s training degree, in English and French, a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and Post Graduate degree from the University of Paul Valery, in France. 

After having spent one year at University in France and two years working as an English, French, Italian translator for a film company in Rome, Ailsa came home for a holiday during which time she found a job at the SABC in 1974 at the inception of television in South Africa. The television bug bit her and became her passion in life. She never returned to Rome.

Starting out as a production secretary, she became a television director before leaving the SABC. She joined Edutel, became a founder member of Endemol and formed her own company LCAT productions in 2004.

She has directed, scripted and produced a myriad of shows – magazine programmes, documentaries, reality shows, live talk shows and children’s series including Big Brother, Fear Factor, All you need is Love and Shift. Apart from TV production, Ailsa is a qualified life coach and interior decorator. Ailsa recently formed a new company called Ailsa Craig Productions where she focuses on content writing and video production across all genres.

Ailsa Craig Productions


An Introduction to this Course


HOW TO APPEAR AUTHENTIC AND CONFIDENT ON CAMERA – a 4 hour workshop designed to be delivered in English over 2 x 4 hour sessions – can be purchased as a pre-recorded modular online course – For anyone intent on showing their best side in every online situation


Social media marketing with emphasis on video is an exciting, refreshing and rewarding way of marketing your business. Consider the mind-boggling fact that you can reach millions of people throughout the world, just by putting yourself and/or your products on video and uploading them onto YouTube or Instagram. If the thought of putting yourself out there for millions to see is scary, you are not alone. Heaps of people are reluctant to appear on camera, claiming all manner of bogus reasons; fear of failure, fear of sounding ridiculous, fear of making a fool of yourself, fear of freezing, fear of looking bad, fear of having nothing sensible to say… the list is endless. If you’re guilty of making such excuses, you are surely being inhibited by limiting beliefs which need to be faced and flipped into affirming beliefs about yourself and your abilities.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, take the leap into video marketing. Never fear, Ailsa and Marco, respectively CEOs of Ailsa Craig Productions and Bertagni Consulting srl are here to help you to change your mindset with regard to appearing on camera. We will show you how to define your target market, engage that particular audience, how to craft what you have to say, how to say it with authenticity, how to look and feel your very best on camera, how to relax and be confident. Though an innovative emotional cartography and thanks to few decades of experience in the emotional photo and video making, we will lead you to learn how to be effective and to establish a deep empathy with your audience.


• New skills for marketing you and your business

• Thought provoking activity which generates innovative thinking

• Networking with likeminded individuals (live version)

• Confidence building

• Marketing insights

An Introduction to this Course


HELPING PEOPLE TO TRANSFORM THEIR IDEAS INTO BOOKS, ART, VIDEOS, SCREENPLAYS & MOVIES – an 8 hour course designed to be delivered, in English, in 3 or 4 individual sessions – For creatives who want to learn from a movie industry professional how to make their ideas into a reality


You have a story in mind, and you want to make a movie or a book or even a screenplay out of it? But you don’t know where to start from? This workshop will suggest you start your script not by writing … but by drawing!

Through the innovative ‘The River of Life Cartographic Methodology’, in a few steps we will introduce you into the Aristote, Freytag and Campbell’s narratives schemes summed up in a River Scen-o-gram template that, respecting all the rules, will also allow  beginners to drive their ideas into a riverbed and let them freely flow according to consolidated narrative schemes.

Then a theoretical part about script writing will be provided, by Ailsa, who, as a film and TV Director and Producer, has extensive experience in book, video, movie creation, editing and production.

Pack your story and take your pencils! Get set: we draw!


• Templates and tools to enable you to develop your home projects simply and easily

• A comprehensive workbook to help you capture all your learning from the course

• Insights and guidance from someone who has delivered multiple interior design projects for clients

• Insights from the bestselling author of self-help books

• Networking with like minded enthusiasts

• Free one to one consultation with Ali or Ailsa after the course if you want to learn more about their services


CREATING COMFORT AND CALM IN YOUR HOME – ON A BUDGET – a 4 hour course designed to be delivered in English across two sessions – For anyone interested in making the best of their living space and creating a beautiful home, but is on a restricted budget


Ali & Ailsa take you through a fun and interactive journey through your home.

Using emotional mapping we will discover what you love, what needs changing, and how to make those changes, on a limited budget.

Designed for todays very busy working woman of a certain age this course will give you the skills and motivation you need to make your home your castle.

The course comes with a free workbook that will act as your planner and  essential resource for your home projects.


• Free pdf of Ali’s book, ‘Think Mood Not Food’.

• Action planning for success

• Insights and guidance from people whose businesses revolve around helping people to live more successful and fulfilling lives

• A workbook to accompany the course which develops into your personalised guide for healthy living

• Free one to one consultation with Ali or Ailsa or Pam after the course if you want to learn more about our services


Taking control of your mental and physical wellbeing in a fun, and inspirational way – Designed as a modular online course, in English, that you take at your own pace – For women forty plus with multiple personal and professional responsibilities which have impacted on their health and wellbeing


You are a woman, probably over forty, who understands the importance of good health and mental wellbeing for living your very busy life. Yet you are continually distracted from your good intentions by your responsibilities, lack of time, putting others first and generally trying to cope with getting from one day to the next.

Well, stop for just a minute and take a look at how we can help you to create a healthier lifestyle when your time and energy are limited.

We are five experts in our fields who have come together to create a comprehensive program that focuses on creating and maintaining good health habits for mind and body. The program is delivered as a fully online pre-recorded version that you can take as and when suits you.

What is more, the solutions we propose and the actions you need to take are simple, time manageable and effective in giving you the weight loss, healthy eating and style benefits you are looking for.