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Having negotiated a tortuous childhood of emotional abuse from an alcoholic mother and feeling that she had been abandoned by her father who died of cancer when she was young, Charmaine took her mother to court, divorced her and with help from a Social Worker, put herself into a children’s home at the age of 13. She eventually decided that dealing with her emotional baggage was a priority after nearly 50 years of low-level depression and emotional pain, and so she did with the help of a course which provided an upbeat community which she end up coaching in. The course itself contained binaural beats, hypno-suggestion and hypnosis amongst other things and she also used many books, and her own tools, as well as NLP which she fell in love with.

Charmaine is a life coach, specialising in mindset and confidence, as well as studying to be a hypnotherapist, Emotional Logic Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP. She is also an Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner and TimeLine Coach. She uses many different tools, including her life experiences to help others which draw on psychotherapy, human behaviour, and neuro-science.

Aside from many other roles she has played, Charmaine has been self-employed for 20 years plus representing a Polish pottery ceramics company with her business partner, and is now part-time employed in the company, as well as running her own part-time coaching business in Germany. She has lived there for 30 years and since Brexit, has become a German citizen and now has dual nationality. She still has that insatiable, creative, mischievous, and adventurous approach to life, where her small inner child lives continuously.

She is a published co-author, writer, and artist and there is more to her than meets the eye! She´s passionate about enabling others to see that they are more than enough if they just stop holding themselves back and start living their lives on their terms, they can achieve the stars!



“Birds of a Feather Gather Worms Together.”

An interactive game for individuals and teams to learn about and connect with ourselves and each other in a more meaningful and effective way

with Charmaine Barber and Marie-Anna Reck

total of 8 hours designed to be delivered as a one day workshop or 4 x 2 hour sessions, interactive and online or live.

This is the Lite Version. There is a full version which can be delivered over 8 x 2 hour sessions or as a one-to-one coaching experience with the mentors.

Available in English


To help Marie-Anna to constantly improve the game we invite you to complete the form that you can access below. Your responses will not be shared and will be treated anonymously.

This 2-in-1 board game is a powerful tool to help you learn about yourself at a deeper level, especially if you´ve been cruising through life feeling things weren´t right and not knowing why. This has answers for you. Emotional pain is unpleasant and unnecessary. Whether work or personal, life is all about relationships and in order for them to work for us we must put the work in.

This in turn, enables us to gain insights about yourselves, and to grow exponentially personally, thereby making us more resilient and our character and strength stronger, thus making it easier to cope when things get tough in Iife, as they invariably do.

The specific core intention of the game is to help us to learn how to connect with ourselves and become self-aware, aware of who we are and how we function in certain situations, emotionally. It helps us to reconnect with ourselves if we´ve been denying who we are because it´s been too risky or scary in the past, and it´s about starting to really understand and communicate with ourselves in order to communicate and connect with others.

We will start to loosen up that feeling muscle by taking part in Marie-Anna´s Worms and Twigs and learn to find, release and embrace parts of ourself. Moving onto the second game with Charmaine, our journey continues in a different style, with Challenges to test us, but don´t worry, we will succeed!


  • A free pdf Workbook for each of the two games, plus several different sets of printable cards.

  • The benefit of immediate learnings you can implement in your relationships both with others and yourself.

  • Insights and guidance from coaches whose businesses revolve around helping people to live more successful and fulfilling lives.

  • A free 1-to-1 coaching session, or discounts for our services if you´re lucky enough to have pulled the right lucky Random Cards!

  • Option to play the full version as a team or one to one coaching experience

  • Self-directed downloadable option coming mid 2022.


    Game Lite Version – £99.99 per person

    Game Full One-to-One – £999.99

    Game Full Team Experience – Price on application