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Melissa is a Mexican architect with a deep passion for sustainable design and a strong interest in self-knowledge, emotions, neuroscience, and social studies. She believes that understanding the human experience is crucial to creating meaningful and sustainable design solutions that can positively impact society.

She picked the vocational picture of when she was trying to teach her little brother to walk because helping others to achieve their goals has always been a drive in her life. Throughout her academic and professional journey, she has worked on various projects that reflect her interests and her vision of a better future, always with a focus on sustainability and social impact.

In addition to her professional work, she is also deeply committed to personal development and self-knowledge. She believes that understanding ourselves and our emotions is key to living a fulfilling life and creating positive change in the world. She often integrates these concepts into her work, creating spaces that promote well-being and mindfulness.

Looking to the future, she is excited to continue working on projects that have a significant impact on the world, having the main topic the sense of belonging. She believes that the study of belongingness and self-knowledge has the power to shape the future and create a better world for generations to come, promoting well-being and positive social change. 


She speaks, Spanish, Italian, and English fluently.

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WHEN THE PRODUCT BECOMES THE TERRITORY’S AMBASSADOR – For leaders, managers, decision makers, and their teams involved in growing and developing international trade relationships and business

A 6 hour course designed to be delivered across one or two workshops as required by your organisation. The course can be delivered stand alone or as part of a bespoke training package.

Marco Bertagi & Melissa Martin are your hosts and can deliver in English, Italian or Spanish


The concept of Genius Loci, the so called Somewhereness, is not only a geographical, philosophical or architectural speculation. It can be the base for a territorial marketing strategy and or the key-element to match companies in order to begin a joint trade action in international markets.

This workshop has been developed to facilitate a deep and multi-perspective knowledge of Somewhereness and how to apply this concept to policies of internationalization.

The tools and insights you will gain are particularly efficient for companies operating in the food and drink sector or the tourism sector, or any business producing goods and services that are functionally linked with territory.


• Developing yours and your teams’ ability to collaborate effectively internationally

• Thought provoking activity which generates innovative thinking

• Business Insights from experts

• Planning tools for marketing strategy development for your business

• Enhanced buy-in from, and upskilling for, your team


The Game for business teams, individuals and creatives looking to expand their skills in communicating with themselves and others in an effective and meaningful way.

Designed to be delivered as a 4 hour stand alone event or as part of a bespoke training package for you and your team. Please click below to discuss scheduling, options and pricing.


By playing this paradigmatic River Game, through some tools with a strong maieutic and evocative power (music, cinema, literature, painting, city, nature) and through mapping and design thinking, competitors will elicit and verbalize emotions, draw imaginary cards, cure phobias, have room for imagination and show their storytelling skills by integrating and connecting multiple elements.

Emotional bridges will be built among participants and a great sense of empathy and solidarity will be established.

For business managers and leaders this game is one that we often include in our bespoke packages for team building, project management and strategy development. Please contact Marco Bertagni for details of our bespoke course creation service.