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🌟 Discover a world of emotions with EMME’s Initiatives in 2024! 🌍

Explore captivating courses featuring River Games and Geo-maieutical Journeys to breathtaking destinations like Biella, Garfagnana, Como Lake, Anzio, and the majestic Circeo Mount. Dive into the depths of emotional geography as you traverse these enchanting landscapes, unlocking the secrets of your inner world while marveling at the beauty of nature. 💡


Embark on transformative experiences that bring you closer to yourself, others, and the planet. Engage in immersive activities designed to enhance self-awareness, foster personal growth, and cultivate meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. 🚀

Elevate your understanding through engaging our online webinars and live activities. Delve into the principles of emotional mapping, learn from seasoned Geographers of Emotion, and gain valuable insights into navigating life’s emotional terrain with grace and resilience. 🌈

Whether you choose to join one, two, or all activities, as a traveler through the River of Life, you’ll enjoy the beauty and magic of emotional geography firsthand. Alternatively, become a Geographer of Emotion and be the protagonist of your own journey, while also sharing your expertise and experiences with others.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embark on an unforgettable adventure with EMME! Welcome aboard our initiative, where every moment promises to be a discovery of emotions and a celebration of life. 🌊

Join us as a Geographer of Emotions. This will entitle you to:
20% off any events or courses booked through the website
50% off one live event a year (Geomaiutical Journeys)
5% cashback when you recommend someone to an event or course
Your details and services on the website with contact details
and if you join as a licensee, then you can use the methodology in your business without paying commission

or if in the UK, 

3,14: Personalized Coaching with Marco Bertagni or Ali Bagley

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth, enhanced leadership skills, and a deeper understanding of your needs?

Look no further than “3,14”, a unique one-to-one coaching delivered in one of these 4 languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French.

With 3,14, you have the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive coaching experience that lasts exactly 314 minutes, symbolizing endless opportunities and boundless potential just like Pi represents infinite digits with no repeating patterns. The journey begins with an insightful discovery phase, where the first 14 minutes are offered as a complimentary session. This initial consultation allows your coach to gain a deep understanding of your individual needs and aspirations.

Pack your Luggage” enables you to explore your strengths and fears, talents and aspirations while identifying the areas that require growth and development. This workshop provides valuable insights into selecting archetype and creating a geo-emotional CV.

Map out your Emotions” takes you on an introspective journey, allowing you to explore and understand the complex landscape of your emotions. Through the cutting-edge Geo-Emotional Mapping methodology, you will gain clarity and self-awareness, enabling you to make better decisions and cultivate a harmonious work-life balance.

Furthermore, after mapping, your coach will guide the traveler to consolidate and anchor their emotions through photography, art, music, and literature. This holistic approach ensures a deeper understanding and integration of one’s emotional landscape, fostering personal growth and well-being.

Beyond these core River Games, the remaining activities and sessions within the 3,14 coaching program are tailored to your unique needs and objectives. We will work closely with you to define additional activities that align with your specific requirements.

Whether you aim to foster effective communication, nurture teamwork, or address any other challenges, “3,14” will cater to your individual aspirations.

Invest in yourself with 3,14, and witness the remarkable transformation that awaits you.

Price 300 euros.


or (For english)

Corporate and brand storytelling through Geography of Emotions

This course, facilitated by Marco Bertagni over the past 5 years and continuing into 2024 with several esteemed companies and organizations, offers a comprehensive exploration rooted in THE RIVER OF LIFE project and the practical application of emotional mapping in business.

Delivered in Italian, English or Spanish as required.

For information or to book for your organisation contact

 Here’s a glimpse of what the course entails:

    •  Unveiling the essence of corporate storytelling and its objectives.
    • Embracing storylistening, putting the customer at the forefront, and understanding the buyer persona.
    • Crafting brand identity: defining who we are through archetypes, mission, vision, and values.
    • Strategic positioning: Identifying our actions and competitors.
    • Exploring story experience and narrative rules, from Aristotle to the Hero’s Journey.
    • Delving into formal identity.
    • Understanding narrative content vectors, with focuses on:
    • Videographic storytelling: constructing storyboards for corporate and brand narratives.
    • Human performance: intercultural languages, public speaking, and persuasive discourse.
    • Navigating narrative and commercial habitats, both digital and physical.
    • Embark on this transformative journey to enhance your storytelling prowess and elevate your business acumen.

Join us in shaping compelling narratives that resonate in today’s dynamic landscape!

Marco Bertagni will be conducting a course for the Rosselli Institute of Aprilia titled “Journey into the Geography of Emotions.” The 20-hour course is centered around RIVER GAMES®, which are board games designed to make learning and skill enhancement processes fun, easily memorable, and replicable in real-life situations.


This will be delivered in Italian

Throughout the educational journey, Marco Bertagni will provide thoughtful insights that encourage the emergence, sharing, and representation of emotions, fostering empathy in an environment where naturalness and fluidity are key.

In essence, through this 20-hour Journey into the Geography of Emotions, divided into 5 sessions, the aim is to equip students with tools to develop individual and group awareness, propel each individual towards their personal and professional growth, following their vocation and talent, to achieve sustainable and measurable results, and to live better in a continuously changing world.

This growth-oriented course will impact students’ motivations, effectively combating potential academic disengagement.

While the course is primarily aimed at students of all ages, it is also recommended for faculty members and parents, whose role in addressing academic disengagement phenomena is significant.


A journey through Emotional Geography

Marco Bertagni and the Geographers of Emotions are embarking on their second experience with the Apicio Institute. The course “Journey into the Geography of Emotions” spans 20 hours and is anchored in RIVER GAMES®, board games that make learning and skill enhancement processes enjoyable, easily memorable, and applicable in real-life situations.



Throughout the educational journey, Marco Bertagni will provide reasoned insights that stimulate the emergence, sharing, and representation of emotions, aiding in attributing meaning to acquired experiences while fostering empathy in an environment characterized by naturalness and fluidity.

In essence, through this 14-hour journey per class (to be conducted for two classes) into the Geography of Emotions, divided into 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each and a concluding 4-hour stage, the aim is to equip students with tools to develop both individual and group awareness. This journey will propel each participant towards their personal and professional growth, guiding them to leverage their vocation and talent for sustainable and measurable results, enabling them to thrive in a constantly changing world.

This growth-oriented pathway will positively impact student motivations, effectively countering potential academic disengagement.


This will be delivered in Italian

Pre register by writing to  and then join the online activity via ZOOM at 6pm on March 14, 2024:

(This online meeting will be held in Italian)

Pi-Day’s Test Run

 Join the Geographers of Emotions including Marco Bertagni, Guity Mohammadi, Francesca Paradiso, Cristina Guastini, Simona Verrocchi, Marisa Camboni, and Bimba Landmann for an extraordinary, complimentary trial event!

Experience a day of emotional activities and presentations, both in Anzio from 3,14pm and online from 6pm.

Each expert will showcase their purpose, all centered around achieving harmony between mind, soul, body, and emotions.

 This unparalleled opportunity is not to be missed!


“Making Magical Memories”

 Making Magical Memories is an online pre-recorded course where you can learn to storytell and storydraw those magical memories you have had in your life, those losses you remember and those memories you want to plot on your Memory Lane.

 Emotional mapping is a methodology and tool for you to take real stories and draw your River of Life, River of Losses and Memory Lane by shifting to your imagination 

In this course you will also learn about how to draw your Emotional Maps of your life, yes your will draw your own RIVER OF LIFE; you will learn to manage loss & grief by drawing your own RIVER OF LOSS and learn gain useful resources using the Grief Reset Protocol Course.

You will also learn to draw your very own MEMORY LANE of your life stories be they happy or sad. Then you can share your stories with those nearest and dearest to you. That’s the Magical part!

You will learn skills in:

  • emotional Mapping
  • nlp
  • mindset Tips
  • meditation

 Course Outline:

  • Welcome + Modules
  • Introduction to Course
  • Learning about the River of Life
  • Learning how to draw using Emotional mapping
  • Introduction to Grief and Loss
  • Learn to Story-tell and story-draw
  • Mapping Emotions + River of Losses
  • Question what benefits may arise from the Loss
  • Deep healing process using the Grief Reset Protocol®
  • Draw Your Memory Lane
  • Perspectives. What next?

Delivered in English

🗓️ Date: March 21th 2024 🕒 Time: From 6pm CET to 7pm CET 📍 Location: On ZOOM: pre-register by writing to

To register and obtain the link, please email

The stream of the River of Life is gaining momentum on the screen…

 The River of Life project is set to make waves as a film, a TV series, a reality show, and a documentary.

 If you have a passion for storytelling and possess skills as a screenwriter, producer, director, actor/actress, costume designer, or in any other related field, we invite you to join our dedicated working group.

 Our next meeting is scheduled for March 26th.

 Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of something extraordinary! 🎬🌊

Registered Geographers only may apply

March 28th 2024 SIETAR: ARCHETYPES.

Unveiling Personalities

Marco Bertagni will present his new book “Unveiling Personalities: Exploring Vocational, Geographic, and Atmospheric Archetypes for Deeper Self-Understanding and Connection in International and Intercultural Contests” within SIETAR Italy.

This is a unique opportunity to better understand oneself through fun and profound activities.

To reserve your spot, please visit the SIETAR Italy website at or email 

Want to know what the methodology of Emotional Geography is all about? Then join us on our next live online event on 6th April 2024.

We will take you on a journey of self discovery that will enable you to plan forward with confidence, understanding your weaknesses and in the realisation of all you can be.

To register for this event just click on this section or the link. 

Price £47

I Colori dell’Esistenza

Desideri acquisire consapevolezza, riequilibrare gli aspetti emozionali e quelli razionali, alimentare la tua anima, acquisire tecniche innovative di mappatura e condividere il tuo colorato Fiume della Vita, fare un’esperienza in un ambiente sicuro ed empatico? La risposta è:

I Geografi delle Emozioni Marco Bertagni e Bimba Landmann ti guideranno in un workshop di 6 ore alla (ri)scoperta di te stessa/o attraverso l’utilizzo e l’armonizzazione della metodologia cartografica THE RIVER OF LIFE ® creata da Marco e dell’innovativa e magica tecnica di acquarello di Bimba.

Si parte con Marco, che dopo averti consegnato le ruote delle emozioni e dei luoghi, ti inviterà a tracciare un itinerario lungo il tuo Fiume della Vita nel quale, usando prima la ragione e poi il cuore, farai emergere i tuoi paesaggi interiori e li disegnerai a matita a seconda di come ti sei sentita/o, ti senti e ti sentirai con riguardo a eventi del tuo passato, del tuo presente e del tuo futuro.


Avendo come bussola i luoghi scoperti e (ri)trovati durante la mappatura emozionale con Marco, comincerai, guidata da Bimba e dalla tua immaginazione, a tracciare luoghi ancora più profondi e personali.
Viaggerai infatti dentro le singole emozioni della tua mappa attraverso il colore: boschi, montagne, radure, mari, castelli e deserti prenderanno forme fantastiche.
Con grande gioia scoprirai come entrare nei luoghi della tua interiorità, esplorerai questi luoghi che d’incanto si andranno a ricreare come per magia sotto le tue mani.
La tecnica dell’acquerello ti permetterà di lasciarti trasportare dal caso, dall’ispirazione, e dalla magia dei colori, dalle emozioni.

Scoprirai che le porte dell’arte sono sempre accessibili e ci spalancano grandi doni.
Dove: Anzio, Via Gramsci 98 c/o Bertagni Consulting srl o su ZOOM (Bimba Landmann sarà collegata su ZOOM da Milano)
Costo: 64 Euro

Non sono richieste abilità artistiche

Il corso sarà in lingua italiana

Necessario procurarsi il materiale per il disegno delle mappe (per le partecipazioni online)

Per informazioni e prenotazioni rivolgersi a

Questo è il link della presentazione della versione 2023 del corso. I contenuti sono rimasti invariati:

Biella: the Third Paradise on the River

Each Place has something that deserves to be told, emotions to elicit. Each of us can associate to the spirit of that Place his or her own perspective, story, search, journey.
This is what geo-maieutics is all about: putting together the physical journey with the personal one, overlapping real geographies with inner landscapes.
The innovative methodology The River of Life, created by Marco Bertagni, targets to improving personal development and the knowledge of places that, thanks to their geographical features, allow the emergence of deep emotions.


Thursday, May 23, 2024 – Welcome on board
h 15
Biella: Welcome coffee, Introduction to the geo-maieutic journey and River Games Get ready, Map out your Emotions and Overground

Friday, May 24, 2024 – EARTH AND ROOTS
h 9-13
EARTH – Mysterious cave of l’òm salvaj on the shore of the Elvo Stream and emotional experience Canyon of Genesis: Perceive The world, Others, Yourself
h 15-19
ROOTS – Oropa and River Game Geographer of Emotions

Saturday, May 25, 2024 – EMOTIONS AND LIFE
h 9 – 14
EMOTIONS – Biella, Villa Malpenga: Visit of the Villa and of the Gardens, EMME’s coaching and artistic atelier: geo-emotional Mise en Place in a stateroom.
Light lunch in the Malpenga with table set by the travellers
h 15-19
LIFE – Burcina and talk around the theme of blossoming/thriving

Sunday, May 26, 2024 PHILOSOPHY AND FREEDOM. End of the journey
h 9-11
PHILOSOPHY – Baraggia di Candelo and talk around the theme of happiness
h 11,30-13,30
FREEDOM Biella – Cittadellarte – Spazio Terzo Paradiso and talk about Freedom and Philosophical numbers
h 14,30-18
End of the journey Biella: Presentation of the geo-emotional profiles of travelers, the results of the River Game Overground and sharing of travel experiences.

Marco Bertagni and EMME’s Geographers of Emotions create geo-maieutical paths in order to offer unique experiences to travellers and the opportunity to get closer to themselves, to others and to Earth.
In May 2024 we are realising this travel experience in the Biellese area. Biella, che “all’opra fumanti camini ostenta” according to Carducci’s definition, will certainly surprise the travellers who will get into a changement process and will realise that, as Eraclito said “No man ever steps in the same river twice”: so Travellers will be different than they were at the beginning of the journey. And also the River will….

On May 23, after the introduction to The River of Life Project the travellers will play the first two River Games: Get Ready and Map out your Emotions. They will get familiar with the rules of Overground, a geo-emotional photo hunting.
The following morning, May 24, the group will walk to a mysterious cave on the shore of a River to evoke the primordial feeling of the night of times: the beginning of EARTH.
The magic atmosphere of Sanctuary of Oropa will be the location of ROOTS, the second stage of this 6 geo-emotional stages experience that the Geographers of Emotions of EMME, Marco Bertagni, Ernesto Panza and Lucia Lamonarca are proposing and leading. It’s here that the River Game Geographer of Emotions will be played. Two teams will be created and will dive into the integrated knowledge, through the art and the beauty of sharing emotions and the magic of creating together a path to reach a dream of someone unknown but perceived like everyone’s dream.
On May 25, the EMOTIONS chapter will be filled with the first edition of a very innovative coaching experience and artistic atelier, based on the meeting of geography with the art of…table setting, aiming to evoke the spirit of being together, cultural sharing and conviviality by conceiving and realizing a mise en table, in the stunning gardens of Villa Malpenga.
The stage LIFE will be experienced among the plants of the Burcina: blossoming should not be the reason of our life?
The unique and hilly scenario of the Baraggia di Candelo will host travellers during the PHILOSOPHY stage of this emotional journey on May 26 and the Cervo River will still be there, flowing…
Similarly, the River Cervo and the music of its waters will be background of the magnificent Spazio Terzo Paradiso, in Biella, at Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Cittadellarte, where the travellers will have a talk about FREEDOM.
The journey will end up with a debate during which each traveller will have her/his own geo-emotional profile by harmonizing many elements – material and spiritual – that have been gathered during this experience.

EMME’s Geographers of Emotions actively involved in the Journey: Marco Bertagni, Ernesto Panza, Lucia Lamonarca

Participation fee per person: euro 400
The fee includes all the geo-emotional, educational and coaching activities and experiences, the light lunch at Malpenga on May 25, 2024.
It doesn’t include lunches and dinners not mentioned, nor accommodation, nor transports.
Since it would be preferable to have the group of travellers staying all at the same place we established an agreement with a local Resort and suggest travellers to make their rooms reservation at this structure.

Information and reservations:
Write to 
Deadline for bookings: April 30, 2024

Saturday, May 25, 2024 – EMOTIONS AND LIFE
h 9 – 14

EMOTIONS – Biella, Villa Malpenga: Visit of the Villa and of the Gardens, EMME’s coaching and artistic atelier: geo-emotional Mise en Place in a stateroom.

Light lunch in the Malpenga with table set by the travellers
h 15-19

LIFE – Burcina and talk around the theme of blossoming/thriving

Geo-emotional table setting

 Within the geo-emotional journey “THE THIRD PARADISE ON THE RIVER,” this day, set in the splendid scenery of Villa Malpenga in Biella, guests of Ernesto and Caterina Panza, participants will have the opportunity elicit their emotions, map them, and photograph them with Marco Bertagni, as well as attend the innovative table setting course devised by Lucia Lamonarca, which will mark a turning point in your dining experience!

 Participation fee, including light lunch, is 100 euros.

 For reservations, please write to 

Porta in volo le tue radici

C’è chi ha troppo “i piedi per terra” e chi troppo “la testa in aria”.

Questo percorso di crescita personale vuole integrare i due opposti accompagnando chi ha voglia di cambiamento ma è bloccato dalla paura o è perso nell’illusione.

Incipit: c’è un andare nel mio restare, c’è un restare nel mio andare

Setting: Seminario residenziale ad Anzio

Metodologia: Cartografia Emozionale, Coaching e Yoga.

Cartografia emozionale utilizzata inizialmente con funzione diagnostica, per fare un’auto-analisi del rapporto emozionale con proprio corpo e con la propria mente.

Yoga usato come aggancio al corpo per stare nei sensi e focalizzare l’attenzione tramite il respiro, Coaching come mezzo di esplorazione delle proprie potenzialità ed espressione della propria unicità. Obiettivo: conoscersi, amarsi e soddisfare i bisogni auto-realizzativi.

Durata: 8 ore

1. Cartografiamo emozionalmente il nostro corpo e la nostra mente
2. Rallentiamo
3. Sentiamo le Radici
4. Apriamo le Ali
5. Raccogliamo le Stelle
6. Ritorniamo a casa

Obiettivo: favorire l’integrazione tra le radici – intese come espressione di chi si è e da dove si arriva, sia come ancoraggio alla realtà – e il cielo – inteso come spazio in cui andare a prendere la propria stella (identificando i propri desideri) -.

Il “viaggio” parte dal rallentare per ridurre gli automatismi e aumentare la consapevolezza, per poi lavorare sul radicamento e successivamente sull’apertura alla vita, per esprimere il desiderio e mettersi in movimento per realizzarlo.

Si usano: la parola, in particolare le domande gestaltiche, domande di apertura, strumenti di Coaching come la Ruota della vita, carta, matite e colori, il respiro e il corpo.

In una parola: integrazione. Del movimento fisico con quello interiore, della terra con il cielo, della parte inferiore del corpo con quella superiore, del corpo con la mente.

Per info e prenotazioni scrivere a 

Firm Roots and Taking Flight

There are those who have their feet too firmly planted on the ground and those who have their head too far in the clouds. This journey of personal growth aims to integrate these two opposites, guiding those who are eager for change but are hindered by fear or lost in illusion.

There is a going within my staying, there is a staying within my going.

Setting: Residential seminar in Anzio.

Methodology: Emotional Cartography, Coaching, and Yoga. Emotional cartography is initially used diagnostically, to conduct a self-analysis of one’s emotional relationship with their body and mind. Yoga serves as a connection to the body to engage the senses and focus attention through breath, while coaching is utilized for exploring one’s potential and expressing their uniqueness.

Objective: to know oneself, love oneself, and fulfill self-actualizing needs.

Duration: 8 hours

Emotional mapping of our body and mind

  1. Slowing down
  2. Feeling the roots
  3. Opening the wings
  4. Gathering the stars
  5. Returning home

Objective: to facilitate integration between the roots – understood as expressions of who one is and where they come from, both as grounding in reality – and the sky – seen as the space where one reaches for their star (identifying their desires).

The “journey” begins with slowing down to reduce automatism and increase awareness, then works on rooting, followed by opening up to life to express desire and take action to achieve it.

Tools used include words, particularly gestalt questions, open-ended questions, coaching tools such as the Wheel of Life, paper, pencils and colors, breath, and the body.

In one word: integration.

Of physical movement with inner movement, of earth with sky, of the lower part of the body with the upper, of body with mind.

For information and reservations, please email 

This course will be delivered in Italian

Garfagnana: where the Dreams meet Reality

Each place holds narratives waiting to be shared and emotions waiting to be stirred. Each individual can imbue the essence of a place with their own unique perspective, story, quest, and journey. This is the essence of geo-maieutics: intertwining physical expeditions with personal odysseys, blending tangible landscapes with inner realms.

The groundbreaking methodology, The River of Life, conceived by Marco Bertagni, aims to enhance personal growth and deepen the understanding of locations where geographical characteristics evoke profound emotions. Marco Bertagni and EMME’s Geographers of Emotions are crafting geo-maieutical routes to offer travelers unparalleled experiences, fostering self-discovery, connection with others, and a deeper bond with the Earth.

The geo-maieutical journey to Garfagnana stands out as “the” journey, as the Serchio River symbolizes the River of life and the enchanted Garfagnana Valley, nestled between the Apuane Alps and the Apennines, epitomizes the Realm of existence teeming with emotional hills, peaks and a myriad of unparalleled experiences.
It serves as a nexus where people from all corners of the globe converge, forging connections amidst the breathtaking natural landscape.

To book your place please contact 

In August 2024 we are realising this travel experience, for the 4th time, in the marvelous Garfagnana.
Here is the full schedule of this geo-maieutical Journey:

DAY 1 – Saturday 17 August 2024 – The journey begins
H 3,14pm – Philosophy Peak Lodge, La Sambuca, San Romano Garfagnana
Presentation of the Journey, River Games: Pack your Luggage and Map out your emotions. Geo-emotional Welcome dinner led by Afaf Lamtkhame

DAY 2 – Sunday 18 August 2024 – EARTH
H 9am – Orrido di Botri

DAY 3 – Monday 19 August 2024 – ROOTS
H 9am – Sillano – Sources of the Serchio River
H 2pm – Minucciano – Orto di Donna

DAY 4 – Tuesday 20 August 2024 – EMOTIONS
H 9am – Piazza al Serchio, Tanaborda
H 2pm – Vagli Lake area & Campocatino oasis

DAY 5 – Wednesday 21 August 2024 – LIFE
H 9am – Camporgiano – Rio Cavo, Man of the River Place with open air lunch

DAY 6 – Thursday 22 August 2024 – PHILOSOPHY
H 9am – San Romano in Garfagnana – Verrucole Fortress
H 11am – Borgo a Moriano – Devil’s Bridge
H 1pm – Lucca

DAY 7 – Friday 23 August 2024 – FREEDOM
H 5am – Pania di Corfino
H 3pm – La Sambuca, San Romano in Garfagnana

DAY 8 – Saturday 24 August 2024
H 9am – La Sambuca – Philosophy Peak Lodge – Journey’s storytelling and River Games
H 3,14pm – La Sambuca – Secret garden – Ilaria Borgioli dances The River of Life
H 6pm – La Sambuca – Philosophy Peak Lodge – Geo-emotional dinner

Price 800 euro per person
– including ALL geo-emotional activities, the welcome Dinner on DAY 1 and the Geo-emotional dinner on DAY 8
– NOT including other lunches/dinners, Hotel/B&B and transport

Check the itinerary: 

Lake Como: what else?

Delving into the essence of Identity and Belonging, embracing both roots and wings, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and narrative reinvention. What’s your calling? Take the helm of your life’s voyage, charting the course of your emotions, reflecting on your path, and navigating toward the horizon of your future.

What could be more gratifying than embarking on this quest alongside kindred spirits, whose diverse perspectives enrich your own learning and self-exploration? Together, we’ll traverse the captivating landscape of the Italian Lake District, with our gaze set upon the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Como. Known as Lario, this enchanting realm, adorned with majestic mountain vistas, quaint villages, and a tapestry of cultural richness, has long served as a wellspring of inspiration. Let its enchantment weave its spell upon you as well!

Moreover, this inaugural geo-emotional odyssey to Lake Como promises to be a profound journey of self-discovery. Through encounters with your vocational, geographic, and atmospheric archetypes, you’ll delve deeply into the recesses of your own being. Immerse yourself fully in the embrace of sublime nature, art, and the diverse tapestry of humanity, as you forge connections with individuals hailing from every corner of the globe.

For reservations, please write to or 


DAY 1: PAST – Thu., Oct. 3rd – EARTH & ROOTS
3 pm (CET) – Launch of the Journey: Get-together at Moltrasio, Playing the River Games Pack your Luggage and Map out your Emotions
6 pm – Stroll around Moltrasio – Via dell’Acqua
7 pm – Italian Aperitivo
8 pm – Welcome Dinner with Story Circles at the Cooperativa in Moltrasio

DAY 2: PRESENT – Fri., Oct. 4th – EMOTIONS & LIFE
9 am – coffee & brioches in Cernobbio (Pasticceria Poletti)
9:30 am – Hiking Monte Colmegnone (awareness exercise in pairs) 12:30 am Lunch at Rifugio Murelli
2 pm Hiking back
5 pm Relax & Exploring Como at your own gusto
8 pm Dinner in Como at Teatro Sociale

9 am – drive to Lenno, visiting Villa Balbianello, activity in the garden 12:30 am Lunch at the lake in Lenno
3 pm – Taking a boat to Menaggio – Bellaggio – Varenna (il bacio del lago) 5 pm Relax / Exploring Bellaggio / Varenna / walk to Castello Vezio
8 pm Dinner in Bellaggio / Varenna

DAY 4 – Sun., Oct. 6th – STORYTELLING
9 am – coffee & croissants in Torno
9:30 am – Hiking Montepiatto / Via Regina /
OR: Talking a walk along the Greenway to Villa Carlotta & its Botanical Gardens (ev. Activity in the Bamboo Forest)
12:30 am Lunch at Baita Piazzaga
OR: Lunch at the lake in Tremezzina
2 pm Hiking/Walking back 4 pm End of program

PRICE: EURO 628 (Including all the geo-emotional activities and the Welcome Dinner on Oct. 3rd. Lunches/Dinners, hotel and transport NOT included)

Check the Itinerary: 

 📌 Registration Details:
• Cost for the entire 5-day trip: 250 euros.
• The cost for each individual day (17, 17, 18 Oct) is 100 euros for those who can’t join us for the whole journey

🌟 Embark on a 5-Day Geo-Maieutical Journey to Anzio – SWIMMING IN THE SEA OF FREEDOM

Join us for an unforgettable 5-day geo-maieutical journey to Anzio, where we’ll dive into the depths of self-discovery and exploration.

SWIMMING IN THE SEA OF FREEDOM promises to be a transformative experience, guiding participants through a series of immersive activities designed to awaken the senses and unlock new perspectives on life.


To book your place please contact 

 Oct 16th – Anzio, The Kid with the Suitcase Turns 60!
Celebrate the 60th birthday of the child with the suitcase, a symbolic figure representing the journey of self-discovery. Enjoy a day enveloped in the sweetness of October in Anzio, by the sea, the sky, and with friends. Note: By invitation only.




Day 2: Oct 17th – Following Odysseus in Anzio, Circeo, and Sabaudia
Trace the footsteps of Odysseus as we explore the enchanting landscapes of Anzio, Circeo, and Sabaudia. Delve into the mythology and history of these iconic locations, immersing ourselves in their rich cultural heritage.



Day 3: Oct. 18th – From Sunrise to Sunset in Anzio
Witness the beauty of dawn at the Marinaretti and spend the day exploring the wonders of Anzio and Nettuno. Engage in River Games and capture the essence of emotions through photography. Conclude the day with a breathtaking sunset by the Villa of Emperor Nero, reflecting on the beauty of the present moment.


Day 4: Oct 19th – The Taste of Geo-Emotions and Mise en Table
Indulge in a day of culinary exploration and table setting at Villa River of Life, overlooking the mesmerizing sea. Marco Bertagni will present his book “THE TASTE OF GEO EMOTIONS,” followed by a playful culinary journey and a masterclass on table setting by Lucia Lamonarca. Chef Afaf Lamtkhame will introduce sustainable cuisine and the rediscovery of culinary roots.



Day 5: Oct 20th – Playing for Life
Acrobatic Soccer Tournament Conclude the journey with the exhilarating Acrobatic Soccer Tournament at Tirrena Beach Stadium – PLAYING FOR LIFE. Join us as we learn to see the world from new perspectives and bring dreams closer than ever before.

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geographers standing in the place where it all began 54 years ago

The River of Wonder Map

EMME: No Borders, No Agenda

At the Canyon of Genesis

Geographers of Emotions at the Mushrooms Farm


Hear our Geographers explain what being a part of this community means to them and how it has been, in some cases, positively life changing for them. What will it do for you?