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TV Author and Presenter, RAI, Italy. Marco Liorni at the end of the round table he led with Geographers of Emotions “Today many things happened and you left me a lot. I find all this world of emotional geography exciting and fundamental for the society”

Liorni’s interview to geographers of emotions


Singer, Portugal. Teresa about THE RIVER OF LIFE: “Muito belo o seu texto Marco Bertagni. Em muitos momentos próximo da minha própria vivência de viajante e de como vou vendo e procurando descrever o mundo. Realmente uma interessante coincidência. Muito grata pela sua partilha, bem haja”

Michele Preti

CEO of GT Design, Italy. “Thanks again for yesterday night, it was really nice attending your second lesson on writing skills, and your approach is really inspiring. Looking back to my story from the real beginning, and watching at all the troubles and challenges I was passing through, it really boosts my self confidence and make me more sure about the next goals for my family, my business and my career. Thanks again for your teaching and for your passion”.


Marie Jenkins

A key lady that has helped me make my dream to publish my book into reality was Ali Bagley Coach, Author, Publisher and GOE and now she has launched her new book: Love being the Boss, Hate Business, which I wished had been available when I first started my business. Such an incredibly helpful read. If you have aspirations to start your own business then you can get her book here. Ali Bagley is going to be one of our amazing business start up panel members on Season 2 of The Secret Diary of Marie Jenkins 47+, in conversation with the inspirational Lucy Barkas and the brilliant Dan Barker. Out in June on Anchor, Spotify and Apple.

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Aneesa Chaudhry

Thank you for today’s session. It was really beautifully presented and insightful. It made me smile on the inside and I found the method of connecting with emotion through drawing, inspiring.

Susan Lane

Writing is key skill for any coach. Whether it’s copy for your website or program launch or the book you know will help build your business and credibility, Ali’s writing for coaches course is a must! Ali’s creative and just do it approach is focused on freeing and empowering your inner writer to share your message. Ali’s step by step program helps organize your thoughts and gets you writing from day 1. Her book writing formula is genius and helps you plan, structure and give life to your book. Lots of great advice and guidance to take the angst out of getting started and gets you writing !

Writers Course info is here

Carol Clark

The geo-emotional mapping was one of the highlights of the cruise. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes that we had.  It was an absolute eye opener and has made me think differently in many ways.  I have learned so much about myself and learned to love myself even with all my flaws (they make me who I am). This has been something that I will continue to do now that the cruise is over. I cannot thank you enough Ali,  I hope that you are on my next cruise.  

Linda Z

Officer at Venice University. About a bespoke River Game created by Bertagni Consulting srl on Renewable Energies “we officially launched the game on the 6th of June. I admit I spent the weekend before playing with friends, to ensure I was able to explain and manage it… hehe. It went well! We set up an open air session for it, in the garden of the university, with big tables and nice shadowing trees. Both Italian and foreigners participants enjoyed it, it gave a different (better) mood to the overall event and people asked for replication and bring it to other meetings. This to let you know that it worked, that I am grateful for your and that printed… It really looks nice! Thanks again, and hope to have the chance to collaborate again soon” 

Francine Tan

A scientist’s mind with an artist’s skill set. After Map Out Your Emotions Utrecht June 2022: “your session at LXCON was fabulous!”

Adele O'Dwyer

Indipendent Music Professional, Ireland-About Map Out Your Emotions helb by Gibson, Bagley and Bertagni in Utrecht June 2022: “Thank you so much for all of that!!!! I will enjoy reading the books immensely and will be happy to send feedback along the route. Sharing my completed ‘river’ will be a joy! Thanks again for a terrific session – your work is really amazing and, For me, transformative!”

Anja Achenbach

I loved it, now I’m very curious to know more! As a journalist and also as a lecturer at the university in Germany, Storytelling has always been a central method of my work and I am sure and we will find even more opportunities for exchange!


Rossella Ugolini, Roman jewelry designer ( and member of this web site, met Marco Bertagni in a Corporate Storytelling course he delivered in CNA and ICE contest in 2019. Later on, she followed with 20 entrepreneurs from Lazio Region the course “Tu chiamale se vuoi emozioni” delivered during the first Covid Lockdown. This is what Rossella says about the impact of emotional mapping in her life.

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Francesca RONCA

Italo-indonesian Councelor. About the GEO-MAIEUTICAL JOURNEY TO GARFAGNANA: “Thrilled, Heaven, Earth, Roots, Insights, Vitality, Empathy, Romance, Odyssey, Faith, Love, Independence, Friendship, Enchantment”

Garfagnana 2016


Psychologist, traveller and blogger from Australia. About the GEO-MAIEUTICAL JOURNEY TO GARFAGNANA “I am still digesting and metabolising the River of Life philosophical journey. It was a profoundly moving and enriching experience and I am very grateful that you invited me to be part of it, with all its funny, poignant, dramatic, and always engaging moments. Thank you for the energy, affection, commitment and added value you brought to the journey. I could not have asked for a more wonderful group of people to have shared the journey with. Each contributed their unique energy and emotion and I feel grateful to have met them and look forward to staying in touch. Garfagnana’s natural beauty and charm is undeniable and one personal outcome was a deeper appreciation for that Alpine landscape that my mother so loved and which until now I did not fully appreciate. I definitely hope to return and explore further, and stay at Sambuca”.

Monica at the beginning of the journey


Make up artist from Mexico. About GEO-MAIEUTICAL JOURNEY TO GARFAGNANA “It is a sensory experience, a real journey of life”.

Garfagnana 2017


Entrepreneur from Kenya. About the GEO-MAIEUTICAL JOURNEY TO GARFAGNANA: I’m healed, I feel different, like another person.

Garfagnana 2016


President and VP of Associazione Lorenzo Guarnieri, about the project THE RIVER OF LIFE “We are grateful to Marco Bertagni, a valuable friend, who succeeded. He has managed to express a conflicting set of facts and feelings in an original and effective manner: the before and the after; the memories and the lacking plans; the presence and the absence; the loss and the regaining of a river of life.His project The River of Life, inspired by and dedicated to Lorenzo, is the result of many skills that Marco has built up by sailing along his river. There is geography, philosophy, photography, religion, ethics, culture, communication and much else…but, above all, there is the essential ingredient, the only one that can make sense out of whatever we decide to do: love for life”.

Presentation of the project THE RIVER OF LIFE


Professor of Psychology at La Sapienza University about THE RIVER OF LIFE methodology “The River of Life shows an itinerary of descent into the emotions, by strongly anchoring to key-places of the existential path, and offers new significations that fluctuate in the past, the present and the future, with active exploratory dynamics in the background and in the related emotions. The connection to different experiences of pain and happiness traces a link which offers important potentialities in order to help those who suffer build, with a proper guide, a return path to the possibility to relate reactions to complex and painful events.The River of Life is a very interesting example: at the start, there is a little boy with a suitcase and, during the journey, there are many elements that enrich that suitcase, points of solitude and solidarity, fullness and nothingness, suspense and anchoring”.

Anna Maria Giannini from min 54


Head of Commercial Planning and Sales Support – Business and Public Administration Marke at Poste Italiane. About the project THE RIVER OF LIFE “I saw in Marco’s project and in the speeches this afternoon the true meaning of culture, understood as originality of thought”

Fabio’s testimonial from 1h37m


Communication manager, Russia. Ira on the project THE RIVER OF LIFE: “The River of Life is the outcome of a deep connection with the World and the Great Universal Knowledge.The River of Life is an unequalled Theory. The River of Life is a geographical study. The River of Life is a psychological survey. The River of Life is a philosophical essay. The River of Life is Literature.The River of Life is Art”.

Ira’s speech from 1h45m


Teacher and psychologist, Italy. About the book THE RIVER OF. LIFE by Marco Bertagni. “Marco Bertagni’s writing is a personal and lacerating scream against lack, emptiness, absence. It is a call for all the resources of vitality, for all resources of the desire for balance, a call for connecting the distant past to the more distant future. It is a LAIC PRAYER addressed to the globe, to the lands, to the seas, to man in his most animal form, but also in his higher, more poetic one”

Anna Fendi

Entrepreneur, Italy. “Geography of Emotions and The River of Life carried me to Anzio today, a beloved place of my childhood. I could this way re-discover Diana Bertagni, it has been a sign of the destiny…”. “I loved the geo-emotional wine tasting, a very natural way of connecting wines with emotions they generate”

Anna Fendi and The River of Life


Italian composer and pianist. About the journey of the River of Life into the geography of emotions: “Buon viaggio, bambino con la valigia!”

Soundtrack of “Il bambino con la valigia”


Ex Juventus Player, Italy. Regarding the connections between geography of emotions and football: “There is a strong link between places, football and emotions. You just made me think of the atmosphere at San Names before Atletic Bilbao – Juve, back in 1977. But I saw you almost know more than me about my career at Juventus!”

 A Bilbao – Juventus 1977″


Singer, Italy. Amara to Marco Bertagni about THE RIVER OF LIFE project: “The key of truth it’s feeling your own emotions. Dear kid with the suitcase, you are a soul traveller. Ben ritrovato”

Amara & Cristicchi


Tv/Video/Producer/ Visual Artist. “When Marco Bertagni told me about his project The River of Life, I immediately started thinking of it in pictures, a natural thing for a person who deals with video art, direction and pictures. Marco, with his elegance and congeniality, pushed me gently into “his world” and invited me to the journey, by providing me an orientation map drawn by him. Existential geography. This is its name. I felt a click, a fit, as a secret passage in my sensory perception. The journey started. Marco’s pictures committed to my visions. I have started working on a cinematographic subject that tells about the existential geography. To be able to make the public feel the same feelings and emotions that I felt first-hand in the Canyon of Genesis and in the Deserts of Imagination, or in the two lakes of the Lost Dreams and the Stolen Dreams, is an ambitious challenge, but necessary. But it is only the beginning. One of the many points of Marco’s map. This is. Il fiume della vita. The River of Life. It is in us”.

It is only a matter of time.


Owner at MODE LIANA S.A.S. – Your BRANDING AND CORPORATE STORYTELLING webinar was extremely interesting for me, because it was the most human.

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Prices | RINA certified manager in charge | Business development | Ticket inspector – Digital Export Manager D-TEM ICE – “I participated in the Digital Export Academy of ICE- Emilia Romagna and the CORPORATE STORYTELLING training held by Marco Bertagni is very interesting and of a high level”.


Sales manager at SWP srl

Marco’s course on Storytelling based on Emotional Geography was very interesting and engaging for me, what I have always supported is finally recognized “officially”: it is the PERSON who is worth and that you have to be yourself in all fields, both in the virtual and in the real. Thank you!

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The original home of Emotional Geography as EMME and continuing to be our greatest benefactor and support. This is Marco Bertagni’s international trade and lobbying consultancy. It has been running in Europe for thirteen years in 2022 and continues to support its clients in their business growth across the world.

Ali has provided the business development, web design and development and event organisation for the Festival. As a Business Coach and Best Selling Author of Business Support Books she can help your business to grow and thrive both through her courses on this platform or via her one to one coaching services.


Marco Barozzi, Geographer of Emotions and Entrepreneur has leant his considerable expertise in event management to the building of this Festival.



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