The Innovative Methodology for Personal and Professional Growth



The Flow of The River


This is THE book for Eliciting, Mapping & Managing Emotions. You will find out the how, the why, the what for and everything you need to know in between about this incredible methodology for professional and personal growth and significance.

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Marco Bertagni’s book for anyone wishing to dive deeper into the analysis of geo-emotional maps or who want to use it for their own coaching or training business.

This book is free as an e-book when you attend Map Out Your Emotions

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from trauma to triumph

Real life stories and tools brought to you by 14 powerful women, including Geographer of Emotions Charmaine Barber, to help you to overcome your history and to thrive

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There must be more to life than this

One man’s journey on the human side of the statistics and attitudes surrounding obesity in the UK today.

Together, Ali & Steve tell his story as well as providing the information and facts behind todays obesity problem and the mental health issues attached to it.

Ali also provides you with tips and tools to address your own emotional relationship with food.

£12.99 Paperback

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Find your place - the hygge journal and organiser

Victoria, a calm and confidence coach, brings you this day by day Nordic inspired journal for balance and calm.

This hygge journal and organiser is especially for those of you who want to counteract overwhelm and Find your PLACE.

For those of you who want cosiness and contentment in your life.

For those who seek simplicity, balance and enriching experiences with loved ones.

For those of you who love all things hygge and want a little extra Nordic inspiration.

As well as your daily planner you will find tips for calm living, sections to work on your space, your budget and much more.

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The Free Workbook to accompany the Masterclass

Members can access the ‘How to Create a masterclass for your course or service’ Masterclass in the Members plaza. For non-members you can buy the Masterclass – see the item in News and Announcements.

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Love Coaching, Hate Business

Being a coach and running a successful coaching business is so much more than just getting your coaching qualification and getting started.

What we really could have done with, to save us time and money and relieve the stress, was a guide to take us through the steps we needed to follow.

Months of research and testing later we bring you that guide, for YOUR business. Step by step everything you need to consider, to build a solid foundation for your coaching business.

£12.99 Paperback

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Love Being the Boss, Hate Business

Developed from the number 1 best seller, Love Coaching, Hate Business, this book is for all small and medium size business owners who love what they do, make and sell yet never really feel that the business side of things is their forte.

You run a business, you hate admin, sales, marketing, budgeting, book-keeping, strategy, planning and everything else that has to be done to make your business a success.

This book simplifies everything, relieves the stress and helps you to do what you really love . . .

£12.99 Paperback

£4.99 E-Book

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planning to inspire

As well as the expected weekly planner for your business you will find a wealth of information in here for the dailing running of your business.

Everything from social media planning, blueprinting your book, organising your budget, appointments, client records and so much more.

£30.00 Paperback

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Nailing your niche

You know that marketing is built around your niche as much as any other element of your business. But have you nailed down your niche yet?

If not this is the book for you. A workbook that you follow through and that will enable you to identify your niche in just 5 easy steps.

Paperback £4.99

E-Book – £2.99

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Inspirational Planning


Everything you need for the daily running of your business. From a daily planner to a budgeting tool, social media planner, content creation tools, and much much more.

It’s the business ‘bible’ that will become your constant companion.

£30.00 Paperback

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The Coaches resource Directory


In this book you will find the tools of the trade for a coach. The stuff we use to help our clients achieve their goals. Each element is detailed, described as a process and it’s best use is given.

This is your aide-memoir for your sessions and your homework in-between.

Paperback £4.99

E-Book – £2.99

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How LinkedIn Solved My Mid-Life Crisis and How It Can Grow Your Business

How LinkedIn Solved My Mid-Life Crisis and How It Can Grow Your Business:

Tony is one of the most respected LinkedIn trainers in the world and this little book is a must for any business owner looking to generate business traffic via LinkedIn

£8.99 paperback

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A Free Guide to Developing a Workbook for Your Courses

Everything you need to know about developing a workbook to accompany your course and add value for your clients. Free as a bonus for watching the Masterclass Masterclass.

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The River of Life

A journey through the geography of emotions

Marco brings us his story in pictures and and words that move the soul and provoke emotions.

It is his journey but it is also a journey for us all. The e-book is available now.

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the taste of geo-emotions

his is a cookery book like no other.

Recipes inspired by emotional geography, the Serchio river and Tuscany, all created by an expert chef from the region – Giuseppe Bertoli.

There is a story to tell, the story of your river of life. In this book you will find the instructions to identify and elicit your emotions through cooking. Together we will create a tasty emotional map.

£3.99 e-book

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My Accountability Journal

We can really help our clients when we are with them, but what happens in the 6 days and 23 hours between sessions. How can we continue to help them then?

This journal, that you will give to your clients, enables them to keep in touch with their progress daily, be accountable to themselves and you and keep clarity on their goals.

£4.99 Paperback

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Burnout to Bold, From a Flickering Light to a Bold Flame

One woman’s inspirational journey from the edge of mental ill health. Marie frankly shares her highs lows and everything in-between to help you on your recovery journey.

Now a thriving business woman and advocate for mental health and wellbeing, Marie will share her strategies and tips for success with you in this great book.

£12.99 Paperback

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The adventures of Charlie and his dog Teddy. Stories for today to help children to understand the joy of friendship, sharing, family and the planet we live in.

£4.99 Paperback

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The Magic of Geo-Emotional Mapping £47.00

Our Key Note Course, the one everyone needs to understand the Magic of Geo-Emotional Mapping and how it develops growth and significance in your life.

Includes free monthly live map share sessions with us.

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Creating an Online Course For Your Business £47.00

Visibility and engagement is everything for a business and particularly where your business provides a problem solving service.

Courses are an idea way to attract new clients, share information and engage.

In this course Ali shows you how.

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From Ideas to Storyboard £47.00

Got an idea for a script, a play, a screen play? Got a story you want to turn into a movie or TV series? Then this is for you.

Ailsa and Marco take you through step by step, from idea, to storyboard.

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Building a Resilient and Practical Foundation for your Business

You have a business, you love what you do but are unsure about the business side of things. What do you need to consider? How do things like strategy and planning work? Ali will fill in the caps for you in this online, follow in your own time course.

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The Camera & You £47.00

Not comfortable on video but you know that using video to grow engagement and visibility for your business is a must? This one’s for you.

Ailsa is going to walk you through everything you need to know and do to be a true professional on camera. (as in just be you but do it right!).

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ReVamp £47.00

Divorced, starting again or just fed up and want to make changes? Low budget, no ideas? This is the motivation and creativity you need.

Ali and Ailsa will take you through loads of ways of revamping your spaces without the need for a load of expense or an interior designer.

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Step by Step Business Book Mastery £97.00

As business owners we know that engagement and visibility is key and what better way to grab a potential clients attention than with a Calling Card Book for Your Business.

Ali walks you through from concept to self-publishing on Amazon. Step by step, all her secrets including how to get a number one bestseller.

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managing loss and grief with aisha

We don’t just grieve for the loss of people, we grieve for lost friendships, lost opportunities, even loss of self.

In her courses, either the full or lite version, Ailsa takes you through the grief process and shows you how to come out of the other side smiling.

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write up your ali - the program £247.00

In this all inclusive program you begin with a 1:1 with Ali to assess your needs. You then have full access to her courses plus guest courses, master classes, tools and a bi-weekly live Q&A and support session online.

All aspiring authors, business owners wanting to grow their business and writing skills, this is your program.

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