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You need Ali if:

  • You want to write the calling card book for your business but need support in conceiving, structuring, writing, editing, reviewing or publishing that book
  • You want to create an online or live course for your business but need support with conceiving, structuring, writing, recording, delivering or getting it up for sale
  • You are ready to invest in time away, building your self-confidence, growing your business and your skills
  • You are already an author and want to be interviewed on Big EAR Radio

As a number one bestselling author, of business support books, Ali is passionate about supporting your personal and professional growth and significance.

She delivers courses, journeys and games, both online and live, all designed to give you that support.

She will be training you when you are a new or progressing Geographer of Emotions (GOE). She supports GOE’s in developing their services and she runs the day-to-day business operations side of EGUK and the Festival of Emotions. For UK companies she will be your corporate account manager developing bespoke corporate training and growth and significance projects for your business.

Check out Ali’s services and contact details below

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The Magic of Geo-Emotional Mapping

Our keynote course and an absolute must for anyone who wants to find out how emotional geography works for growth, confidence, self-awareness and significance in both personal and professional life.

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How to Build a Practical & Resilient Foundation for Your Business

Tools and techniques for new and struggling business owners who need support in running a successful business.

Running your own business is an amazing thing to be doing, helping people and businesses through your business is incredibly satisfying. But there is more to running a business than just what you do or sell.

This course will provide you with the solid foundation you need to run the business side of things, as well as the ability to remain positive, enthused and motivated even when things get tough.

By getting your business foundation in place you will have more time to do what you love, less stress and overwhelm from the actual day to day admin and the emotional resilience to be at your best every single day.

This is for you. the business owner who understands the need to properly manage your time, priorities, finance management and other practical issues along with the emotional coaching you need to develop your resilience, your  confidence and your determination to succeed.

Course Features:

  • Free pdf of Ali’s best seller, ‘Love being the Boss, Hate Business’
  • Templates and tools to save you time and money in hiring help or starting from scratch
  • Business insights from someone who has years of business experience behind her
  • Networking with other likeminded professionals
  • You own bespoke business map for future planning

To register for this online, self-directed course for just £97.00 go to:

Everything You Need to Know About Creating an Online Course For Your Business

A Modular course designed for coaches, trainers and service providers looking to grow their passive income and / or develop live courses for their clients learn in your own time at your own pace.

You are a Coach or a Small Business Owner who understands the benefits of creating courses, either pre-recorded or live, in order to grow your business, create passive income or create a value packed give-away lead magnet.

You know the benefits and you want to create a course but you are not sure how or would like some guidance but cannot afford one-to-one support right now.

This is an affordable, simply crafted, instructional online modular course that will enable you to create the courses you want for your business growth at just £47. To register just go to:

How to Get the Writing Skills You Need to Grow Your Business





A modular online course you follow in your own time, at your own pace.

You are a Coach or a Small Business Owner who understands the need for creating great written content to communicate with your clients, prospective clients, contacts and followers in order to grow your business, yet you are aware that your writing skills need improving to be effective.

This course will give you the skills and tools you need to create engaging social media post content, the skills and template you want for developing a blueprint for your calling card book project and the ability to create a course that will sell.

The modules included in this online course include: Nailing Your Niche / Personal Mapping of your professional journey / The 7 Step process for writing engaging SM content / Producing effective website content / creating your online course / how to blueprint your calling card business book.


  • Free pdf of Ali’s book, ‘Nailing Your Niche’.
  • Templates and tools to enable you to develop your writing projects simply and easily
  • Insights and guidance from someone who has designed and delivered multiple courses and workshops for clients
  • Training from a bestselling author of business books
  • Free one to one consultation with Ali after the course if you want to learn how to publish your book

To find out more and register for just £47.00 go to:

Think Mood Not Food - A Lifestyle Choice Course




What are you going to get?

* Slimmer

* Fitter

* More Confident

* Healthier

More able to deal with everything you have going on in your life because you will be the best you that you can be.

All of the modules have been designed by and for women like you. They are short and snappy so you can watch on the go whenever you have a few free minutes.


•  Free pdf workbook that builds into your lifestyle bible

•  Free access to the post course FB support group

•  Business Insights from five experts in their field

•  Everlasting access to the course modules, whenever you need them

•  Creation of your bespoke emotional map of your relationship with food

A fantastic journey for just £47.00

Just click here to find out more and register:

REVAMP - A Lifestyle Support Course


IN YOUR HOME ON A BUDGET – delivered in English online as a downloadable modular course – For anyone interested in making the best of their living space, creating a beautiful home, but is on a restricted budget


Ali & Ailsa take you through a fun and interactive journey through your home.

Using emotional mapping we will discover what you love, what needs changing, and how to make those changes, on a limited budget.

Designed for todays very busy working woman of a certain age this course will give you the skills and motivation you need to make your home your castle.


  • Templates and tools to enable you to develop your home projects simply and easily
  • A comprehensive workbook to help you capture all your learning from the course
  • Insights and guidance from someone who has delivered multiple interior design projects for clients
  • Insights from the bestselling author of self-help books
  • Free one to one consultation with Ali or Ailsa after the course if you want to learn more about their services

The course comes with a free workbook that will act as your planner and essential resource for your home projects. All for just £47

To find out more and register just go to:

Legacy Mapping - Sharing Your Story Before It's Too Late

How many questions do you have that can never be answered because the only person that can answer them has passed away?

How many questions will your children and family have when you are gone that they may never get answers to.

When I discovered that my Dad had been married to someone else before my Mum I had so many questions to ask, but he and my Mum were gone, and there was no-one else left to tell me the whole story. That has left a huge hole of non-closure in my soul that I have to live with.
So, I created this Legacy Mapping Course, in the form of a short presentation, that will enable you to not only record your full life story in great detail, but also in a way that will make sharing your story really easy.
Yes your whole life, every pivotal moment that you want to record. And that picture, that map that you create, will enable your story to be told for generations to come.
I don’t want my kids to have unanswered questions about the pivotal moments in my life, do you?
So get out your paper and pens, crayons, paints, and dive in.
Then share your story, now, before it’s too late.


You will get:

  • The History of Geo-Emotional Mapping
  • An Introduction to the methodoloy
  • Instructions for creating, analysing and sharing your own Legacy Map
  • A free map sharing session on zoom with Master Geographers of Emotions Ali Bagley & Marco Bertagni
  • Instructions on how to share your story with your loved ones
  • Access to other Emotional Geography courses
  • Access to Ali for any questions

all this for just £47.00

To find out morre and register go to:

New Geographer Training - How to grow your business with this incredible methodology

This is the training you must undertake to become a Geographer of Emotions here at Emotional Geography UK Ltd.

Now if you have registered to be a Geographer this training is free and you will have a code to book it for free wih your Geographer Welcome Document.

If you are not yet a Geographer you can become one by going to: 

and registering for £64 a year.

If you just want to come onto the training it’s a one o a one off prie of £314.00 but this will not entitle you to use the registered methodology without a license.


You will get:

  • The history of the methodology
  • How to map
  • How to analyse the maps
  • Different applications for your clients growth and development
  • How to create a course for your business using the methodology
  • An overview of what it means to be a geographer and / or a licensee
  • plus much more

To find out more and register go to: 

Step By Step Business Book Mastery - How to write a calling card book for your business

Finally, everything I give in my one to one service (except the 1:1 support bit) including all my secrets, tools and freebies

a modular online course that gives you everything you need to get your business calling card book concieved, written and published. Step by Step, in your own time, at your own pace.

So why create a calling card book for your business?

and how will investing your time and money in writing a book for your business benefit you?

  • It is a professional and comprehensive lead magnet to give away in exchange for email addresses
  • It can make a residual income for you
  • It generates sales at your speaking events
  • It is a powerful tool to include with proposals for corporate / organisation work

Here’s What You Get

  • An Introduction to Writing For Your Business
  • Module 1: Knowing your WHY
  • Module 2: Understanding your WHO
  • Module 3: Developing your Readers Journey
  • Module 4: Developing your Plan
  • Module 5: Writing
  • Module 6: Review and Edit
  • Module 7: Other Stuff that is very, very, useful
  • Module 8: Formatting for and Publishing on Amazon
  • Module 9: What’s Next?

Plus . . 

  • Tools for assessing your Why and your Who
  • My Business Blueprint Toolkit (formerly only available to my one to one clients)
  • Access to the Magic of Geo-Emotional Mapping (free with my ‘Write Up Your Ali’ program)
  • Other stuff you might never have thought of to monetise your book
  • The secret to becoming an Amazon Number One best seller
  • Free business support books
  • An Amazon KDP template ready made for your book
  • Access to my program and other courses to help you in growing your business growth skills
  • Direct access to me if you have any questions

All this for just £97.00 (my full one to one service starts at £1,200.00)

To find out more and register go to:


Wings Of Awareness - a live 3 day deep dive into you, your needs and your growth

Our second live UK retreat following on from our incredible visit to the Lake District in November last year.

This time we are running in conjunction with Break Free in 23 to add extra activities to your schedule.

This is an all immersive three day live journey in and around Oxford and the Cotswolds.

You will get to know yourself better than you can imagine, will learn to communicate better with others and learn new skills to take with you as you return to the real world energised and inspired.

Running from Friday 9th June to Monday 12th June you will find your own way there and your own accommodation but leave the rest to us.

Every day we will welcome you to our base in Woodstock before we strike out to different places, undertaking activities that will surprise and entertain you.

The program is subject to change depending on the british weather but has been planned as follows:

Fri 9th June from 4pm – Welcome, intros (but not as you might expect them!) and dinner which is included in your retreat fee

Saturday 10th June from 10am all day – Earth & Roots: We begin with mapping your journey to understand who you are, what you want and the tools and skills you have to get it. In the afternoon we have Ancestors and Healing with Gloria and Jacque. Holistic methodologies for the body and soul. and then we have a picnic in the evening sunshine of Blenheim Palace.

Sunday 11th June from 10am all day – Emotions, Life, Philosophy: We go to Oxford, for a journey through the seat of learning with a difference. In the afternoon you can take part in relaxation and meditation with Gloria or Jacque (optional extra fee). And in the evening, a BBQ (weather permitting)

Monday 12th June 10am to 1pm Freedom: A review of your learning from the weekend, your plans going forward and what support you will need.  

The fee for this unique event is £314.00 per person including all activities and dinner on Friday and the BBQ. To find out more and register go to: