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Lucia experienced a very rich professional adventure: from journalism to marketing & communication management, from event designing and organization (including the one that hosted Barack Obama in Milano) to marketing & sales.

As a “business globetrotter” she jumped from Europe to Russia, from China to India, from Kenya to Rwanda, from USA to Mexico. Spending so many hours sitting at a table for business reasons, Lucia started to develop a great interest and passion for the mise en place as a symbol of human relationship, culture contamination, habits and traditions, love for food, search for beauty.

She also has a great passion for flowers and nature. Lucia launched the project MiseEnFable, together with Claudia Ferraroli (writer), to teach the art of mise en place to children, by using tales and fantasy characters

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• Attendees will receive a discount code for Think Mood Not Food, a sister course for developing a healthier lifestyle

• This gives you and your team an innovative way to engage with your clients and suppliers in a way that encourages great relationship building

• For individuals, transform your entertaining at home in this simple and creative way


HOW TO ELICIT EMOTIONS THROUGH TABLE SETTING – Designed as a six hour course to be delivered in Italian, French or English either as a standalone workshop or as part of a bespoke corporate package – For creative individuals who want to wow, for hospitality who go the extra for their clients and for business owners looking to impress in a novel and memorable way.

Delivered by Lucia and Marco Bertagni


Lucia and Marco will start with an overview on table setting and cinema. Many famous movie scenes are centered on table setting and table itself will certainly elicit values, emotions and moods.

According to the way you decide to set your table you can somehow address the event and the atmosphere. Relations, family, friendship, tradition, roots, culture, style, design, respect, business, people, taking care: there are so many elements to take into account when setting a table.

We will play some games on this subject with attendees asking them to guess who’s coming for dinner and also by asking you to draw a map of an event with different targets and to design a table setting accordingly.



Taking control of your mental and physical wellbeing in a fun, and inspirational way – Designed as an online modular course, in English, that you can follow in your own time and space – For women forty plus with multiple personal and professional responsibilities which have impacted on their health and wellbeing.

Delivered by Lucia with Ali Bagley & Ailsa Tulloch


You are a woman, probably over forty, who understands the importance of good health and mental wellbeing for living your very busy life. Yet you are continually distracted from your good intentions by your responsibilities, lack of time, putting others first and generally trying to cope with getting from one day to the next.

Well, stop for just a minute and take a look at how we can help you to create a healthier lifestyle when your time and energy are limited.

We are five experts in our fields who have come together to create a comprehensive program that focuses on creating and maintaining good health habits for mind and body. The program is delivered as a fully online pre-recorded version that you can take as and when suits you.

What is more, the solutions we propose and the actions you need to take are simple, time manageable and effective in giving you the weight loss, healthy eating and style benefits you are looking for.


• Free pdf of Ali’s book, ‘Think Mood Not Food’.

• Action planning for success

• Insights and guidance from people whose businesses revolve around helping people to live more successful and fulfilling lives

• A workbook to accompany the course which develops into your personalised guide for healthy living

• Free one to one consultation with Ali or Ailsa or Pam after the course if you want to learn more about our services